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As a government contractor, you will find everything you need to know about bid protests on this site, from how to file a protest to summaries and analysis of decisions.

Bid Protest Basics

Learn the mechanics of filing a bid protest, including deadlines and procedures based on the choice of venue, as well as factors to consider in determining whether filing a protest is appropriate and real world tips on how to file a protest without damaging the relationship with your government client.

Bid Protest Weekly Blog

Improve your decision-making process when you access our archive. With six years of bid protest summaries and analysis at your fingertips, you will better understand whether to file a protest and you will be able to predict the outcome based on your situation.

Looking for Answers? Explore the Bid Protest Database

With over six years of bid protest decision summaries, indexed by keyword and fully searchable, the Bid Protest Weekly database is an invaluable tool for government contractors. It provides guidance and insights as to how the government has acted in past circumstances.

Through the Keyword Index, you can find decisions on relevant topics. And, through the Search Tool, you can search for decisions by agencies, companies, locations, outcome, topics or other unique facts. When confronted with a potential problem when submitting a proposal, or questioning whether to file a bid protest, the Keyword Index and Search Tool are invaluable resources for government contractors.