Interested Party

To file a post-award protest, you must represent a business who would be eligible for the award if the protest is sustained.


What if I won the award and someone else protests my award?
If you’ve won the award, you have the right to have your attorney act as an intervenor in any protest. This means that your attorney can monitor the progress of the protest and assist the agency in defending the award. We always recommend that if you are awarded a contract that you file an intervention to help protect it.

If I protest, can I win?

Yes. In 2020 nearly 50% of all protests resulted in a win or the Government taking corrective action (which is also a win).

A GAO or court decision can sustain at least one of the protest grounds. Alternatively the agency can agree to take corrective action to reconsider, re-evaluate proposals, or sometimes to re-open the competition.

It does happen. Last month one of our clients was awarded a contract after protest.
Occasionally, the agency will take corrective action by terminating the award and making award to the protester.

The GAO recently released statistics showing that 45% of all protests filed at GAO get some form of the relief requested in the protest. While a protest is always an uphill battle, it can be successful.

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