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The Bid Protest Weekly is a resource center for government contractors begun in December 2008, by General Counsel, P.C.’s Government Contracts Practice Group.

It contains a massive database of GAO Bid Protest Decision summaries along with information on the regulations and processes involved in GAO and other government protests.

NOTE: Bid protests come with very stingent time limitations.

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Recent Protest Summaries

Through our Bid Protest Weekly Blog, we provide Government Contractors with in depth summaries of recent and noteworthy bid protest decisions. These summaries highlight the most significant aspect of the case and analysis on how the ruling applies to the Government marketplace.  You can find the most recent posts here.

Search Protest Database

With over 1,300 summaries, the Database allows you to search Protest Summaries  by over 250 terms that include grounds for protests, timeliness and jurisdiction issues and other related terms.  You can also use text search for things like agency, company name, or any other text found in the summaries.

Bid Protest

Education Center

Government Contractors will find useful information about when a bid protest is appropriate, learn the mechanics of filing a protest, deadlines and procedures and the choice of venue in our our Bid Protest Ed Center.

Featured Article

Protesting An Award Decision without Antagonizing Your Government Customer

Contractors often worry whether a bid protest will antagonize the Government Customer and hurt the client’s chances for other Federal Government Contracts.

The Bid Protest Weekly is researched and written by the attorneys of General Counsel, P.C.  Government Contracts Practice.  For more information, or assistance with a bid protest, please contact us at +1-703-556-0411.