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Baldt Inc., B-402596.3, June 10, 2010

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of Navy Disposition: Protest dismissed. Keywords: Timely Filing; Protest of Terms of the Solicitation General Counsel P.C. Highlight: Any protest challenging the terms of a solicitation must be filed prior to the time for receipt of proposals. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baldt, Inc. (Baldt) protests the award of a...
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Latvian Connection Trading and Construction, LLC, B-402410, February 25, 2010

Link: GAO Opinion Agency: Department of the Army Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Timely filing; Electronic filing General Counsel P.C. Highlight: It is the offeror's obligation to deliver its proposal to the Agency in accordance with the terms of the RFP. Evidence of timely electronic transmission of a proposal...
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Lakeshore Engineering Services, B-401434, July 24, 2009

Link:         GAO Opinion

Agency:    Department of the Navy

Disposition:  Protest denied.


GAO Digest:

In a negotiated procurement that required offerors to submit a portion of cost/price proposals electronically, agency’s elimination...

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