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Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc., B-406036, January 3, 2012

Link: GAO Opinion Protestor:  Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc. Agency: Department of the Army Disposition: Protest denied. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________  GAO Digest:
  1. Protest challenging a source selection authority’s (SSA) disagreement with past performance evaluation rating assigned by lower level evaluators is denied where SSA’s rationale was reasonable, consistent with the evaluation criteria,...
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All Points International Distributors, Inc., B-402993; B-402993.2, September 3, 2010

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of the Army Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Evaluation; Source Selection Authority General Counsel P.C. Highlight: Source selection officials have broad discretion in determining the manner and extent to which they will make use of technical and price evaluation results. GAO reviews the decision, not...
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GCC Enterprises, Inc. v. U.S. and Ironclad Services, Inc., U.S. Court of Federal Claims, No. 09-465C, December 23, 2009

Agencies: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Disposition: Protest Denied. Keywords: Best value; Source Selection Authority General Counsel, P.C. Highlight: In considering a bid protest, a Court will not reevaluate proposals or substitute its opinion for the Source Selection Authority, but will only consider whether the decisions made were reasonable in...
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