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W.B. Construction and Sons, Inc., B-405818; B-405818.2, January 4, 2012

Link:         GAO Opinion Agency:    Department of the Army Disposition:  Protest sustained. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  GAO Digest: 1. Rejection of a bid as nonresponsive for failing to provide the price for one of many line items included in the bid schedule was improper, where the item for which the price was...
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WingGate Travel, Inc.; AirTrak Travel; and Alamo Travel Group, B-405007.9, November 29, 2011

Link: GAO Opinion Agency: Department of Defense Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Risk; Changes clause; equitable adjustment General Counsel P.C. Highlight: Shifting greater risk to the contractor is not grounds for protest. "The increasing burden of risk in federal contracting" an article published in the Washington...
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