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Eagle Creek Marina, B-405220, September 16, 2011

Link: GAO Opinion Agency: General Services Administration Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Negotiation; GSA Lease General Counsel P.C. Highlight: Negotiations which change the SFO should be well documented in the final proposal, an offeror can't assume that the agency knows what is included in the proposal unless it is detailed with specificity. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAO denies the protest of Eagle Creek...
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OLBN Architectural Services, Inc., B-402444.4; B-402444.5, October 4, 2010

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of Health and Human Services Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Competitive Range Determination General Counsel P.C. Highlight: OLBN Architectural Service, Inc. protests the evaluation and subsequent non-selection of its qualification statement for negotiation of an architect/engineering (A/E) services contract, pursuant to a solicitation, issued by the...
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Applied Technology Systems, Inc., B-404267; B-404267.2, January 25, 2011

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of Labor Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Negotiations; Discussions General Counsel P.C. Highlight: An agency is not obligated to reopen negotiations to give an offeror the opportunity to remedy a defect that first appears in a revised proposal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applied Technology Systems, Inc. (ATSI) protests the Department...
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