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Great American Forwarders, Inc., B-40800, May 2, 2013

Link:         GAO Opinion Agency:    Department of the Army Disposition:  Protest denied. General Counsel P.C. Highlight: GAO denied the protest of Great American Forwarders, Inc. (GRAF) regarding the exclusion of its proposal, by the Department of Defense, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Personal Property Division, from eligibility to receive shipment awards...
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JRS Management, B-405355, September 28, 2011

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of Justice Disposition: Protest dismissed. Keywords: Minimum Requirements General Counsel P.C. Highlight: Where minimum requirements of a proposal are not met, the Agency is free to reject the offer for failing to meet the minimum requirements. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JRS Management protests the rejection of its quotation under a request for quotations (RFQ), issued by the Department...
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GC&E Systems Group, Inc., B-401315; B-401315.2, July 9, 2009

Link:   GAO Opinion

Agency:          Department of the Army

Disposition:  Protest denied.


GAO Digest:

Protest that agency misled protester into increasing its staffing and, consequently, its price, when it provided vendors...

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