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To reimburse? or NOT to reimburse? (That’s the Protest)

OUTCOME:  Agency did not unduly delay corrective action when it changed the evaluation criteria in question prior to the deadline for submitting its agency report to GAO.   As a result, GAO deemed the action by the agency to be sufficiently prompt such that the contractor was not entitled to reimbursement of its protest...

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Mission1st Group, Inc., B-404811.3; B-404811.6, June 2, 2011

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of the Army Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Labor Rate Pricing; Deficient Price Proposal General Counsel P.C. Highlight: It is an offeror's responsibility to submit a well-written proposal, which clearly demonstrates compliance with the solicitation. Mission1st Group, Inc. (M1), a small business, protests the elimination of its proposal from consideration for award under a request for...
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