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Alpha-Omega Change Engineering, Inc., B-406730, August 17, 2012

Link:         GAO Opinion Agency:    Department of the Air Force Disposition:  Protest denied. General Counsel P.C. Highlight: GAO denied the protest of Alpha-Omega Change Engineering, Inc. (AOCE), based on the rejection of its proposal and the award of contracts to Intecon, LLC and S4, Inc. under a request for proposals (RFP),...
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Exelis Systems Corporation, B-407111, B-407111.2, B-407111.3, B-407111.4, November 13, 2012

Link: GAO Decision Protestor: Exelis Systems Corporation Agency: Department of State Disposition: Protest Sustained. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ GAO Digest:
  1.  Protest challenging the evaluation of offerors’ proposed staffing is sustained where the agency did not reasonably evaluate the offerors’ proposals in accordance with solicitation’s staffing plan subfactor.
  2. Protest challenging the agency’s assignment of weaknesses to the protester’s proposal based on the protester’s lack...
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