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Emergent BioSolutions Inc., B-402576, June 8, 2010

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of Health and Human Services Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Contract Modifications; Contract Administration General Counsel P.C. Highlight: GAO generally will not consider protests against modifications to an awarded contract, because such matters are related to contract administration and are beyond the scope of our...
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Freedom Scientific, Inc., B-401173.3, May 4, 2010

LinkGAO Opinion Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs Disposition: Protest denied. Keywords: Compliance with laws; contract administration General Counsel P.C. Highlight: General solicitation provisions requiring the contractor to comply with the requirements of federal, state, and local laws, codes and regulations do not require that an offeror demonstrate compliance...
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Petro Star, Inc., B-401108, April 29, 2009

Link: GAO Opinion

Agency: Defense Logistics Agency

Disposition: Protest dismissed.


GAO Digest:

Awardee’s challenge to the amount of its contract price to supply military fuel requirements is dismissed because it...

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