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The Ross Group Construction Corporation – Request for Modification of Remedy, B-405180.3, August 7, 2012

Link: GAO Decision

Protestor: The Ross Group Construction Corporation

Agency: Department of the Army

Disposition: Request Denied.


GAO Digest:

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DTV Transition Group, Inc. — Costs, B-401466.2, April 7, 2010

Link: GAO Opinion Agency: Federal Communications Commission Disposition: Claim for costs denied. Keywords: Bid and Proposal Costs General Counsel P.C. Highlight: Recovery of bid and proposal costs is dependent upon the protester providing adequate documentation that identifies and supports the amounts claimed for each individual expense (including cost...
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Lockheed Martin Systems Integration-Owego; Sikorsky Aircraft Company, B-299145.7; B-299145.8, December 15, 2009

Link: GAO Opinion Agency: Department of the Air Force Disposition: Requested modification is denied. Keywords: Bid and Proposal Costs (B&P Costs) General Counsel, P.C. Highlight: GAO will not recommend an Agency pay a protester's bid and proposal costs (B&P Costs) following a successful protest, so long as the...
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