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General Counsel, P.C.’s Government Contracts Practice Group is pleased to provide you The Bid Protest Weekly.  Begun in December 2008, the Bid Protest Weekly provides summaries and analysis of GAO Bid Protest Decisions.  The Bid Protest Weekly is a resource center for government contractors.

First, through our Bid Protest Basics Section, Government Contractors can learn the mechanics of filing a bid protest, including deadlines and procedures based on the choice of venue.  This section also contains factors to consider in determining whether filing a protest is appropriate and real world tips on how to file a protest without damaging the relationship with your government client.  Through articles, power point presentations, and video, this is a complete resource to help government contractors understand the bid protest process.

Second, through our Bid Protest Weekly Blog, Government Contractors have access to six (6) years of bid protest summaries and analysis that provide valuable guidance.  By reviewing past decisions, government contractors can better predict outcomes specific to their situations – and, thus, gain insight on whether to file a bid protest.  The Bid Protest Weekly can be searched in three (3) ways:  (1) By simply reviewing our Archives; (2) By reviewing relevant topics by category; and (3) By using key words.  Numerous Government Contractors have told us what a valuable tool this search functionality provides to help them in their decision making process.

The Bid Protest Weekly is researched and written by the attorneys of General Counsel, P.C.  Government Contracts Practice.  For more information, or assistance with a bid protest, please contact us at 703-556-0411.